Little Venice- London

Very Happy to have my friends from Mexico in town! Enjoying and exploring new places in London that I’ve never been before. Little Venice is the small replica of Venice, Italy where Grand Union Canal Paddington Arm Connects with the River Thames. Just few minutes from Paddington station, this relax and calm place is surrounded to many boats some of them art galleries, floating restaurants and a small puppets’ theatre. I went with Sherin, my best friend to have lunch in the floating cafe “Waterside cafe“, such a nice experience I would suggest!! 







 Get my outfit! 


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 00.45.00                      miss selfridges                         Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 01.13.47

Miss selfridge £15          Miss Selfridge £34               ASOS £32

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The transparency of your soul!

27 degrees in London!!! wohooooooo \o/ Time to be transparent!

The spring/summer 2014 trend definitely helps you to show the transparency of your soul as well as giving a sexy touch in your outfit.

After Alexander Wang launched his Advisory campaign many designers felt inspired by the transparency trend… mixing transparent fabrics in their ss14 collections. I fell in love with this white long sleeves top from ZARA that matches with my Mango jeans and my favourite Top shop shoes.






Get the outfit! 



      Where to buy??

                                advisory1advisory3  advisory2      advisory4



Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 17.42.39


Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 18.16.20






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WHITEHAIR press day AW14

Yesterday I attended the WhiteHair press day! the venue was on Kingsway place  and many different designers presented their autumn/winter collections. Here are my favourite garments! Many thanks to Red Carpet Paris for my pair of insoles! I can’t wait to wear them!

Paola Balzano nature theme collection

IMG_2709 IMG_2672

In love with this flowery camisole from Alöe

aloe london

Jennifer Morris making contrast with some plastic flowery details

IMG_2715 IMG_2679

YANNY lace black and beige dress! for a cocktail party



Felder Felder and its skirts made of hair, incredible!

IMG_2712 IMG_2706 IMG_2698 IMG_2694


Amy Sia and its stunning phone cases and cushions


Red Carpet Paris georgeous insoles

red carpetred carpet

Look at the video!!!

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Embroidering your leggins!

When you hear “embroidered leggings”, you think of a strange garment made by your
 grandma right? Well think again, have a look at these cool gothic leggings from Zara.
I know everybody has a basic pair of black leggings that go with everything, are you
tired of them? Give a special touch to your outfit and try embroidery this season, many
designers have used embroidery for their Spring 2014 collection!!!
photo 2
photo 3


miller 2014


Embroidery legginsM

Lace top

Moschino pants

Frye black boots

Framed wall art
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The Pradamark effect!

Pradamark: The mix and match designers items and cheap essentials!

Sometimes we see people on the street with outfits that look like thousand pounds! Do they really wear expensive brands in everything they have on? Not really!! The Pradamark effect is new tendency since fast fashion took up part of our wardrobes. Mixing the basics (such as a black skirt, top or leggings that are easy to match with everything) with  some nice shoes or bag, just one designer garment is needed to enhance your outfit.

Why the name of prada – mark? It comes from the mix of Prada that represents the expensive side and primark the cheap. Now that you know the secret, go and buy the essentials like my black short only for £10 or less! and just invest in things worth buying ;)

ImagePrimark Black shorts/ River island pink top/ French connection jacket / Black shoes kurt Geiger / Carolina Herrera bag







Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 15.47.12

Primark Black short/skirt £10 


Primark Black & white skirt £8


Primark Check tailored shorts £10

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 18.12.15Carolina Herrera bags

Alex curran is also a big fan of the Pradamark effect!

alex primark

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Playa del Carmen, a bit of Maya fashion!

Long holidays in my country, Mexicooo!! After one year finally I came back for a
month only… I wish you a happy and successful 2014! Sorry for the delay
on writing but my master’s assessments, the luggage, christmas shopping and so on,
drove me crazy! Now I’m enjoying my family specially my nephew! :) I spent New year
with my parents in Playa del Carmen, my favourite place in Mexico… Even though the
weather wasn’t perfect I could get a nice tan! I would describe Playa as a “magic town”
a mix of mexican and european style. Food, night life, nice beaches and of course nice boutiques!!! !
Walking around the main avenue, that is called the 5th avenue,  I found some nice
boutiques that I want to share with you, the pictures below are from the “Textiles
Mayas Chipas” that is located just in the main avenue. Amazing for its items but also
but the environment…
They have a big picture of the “Virgin of Guadalupe” inside the store that makes you
feel more the mexican style! All the products are made by mayan people living in Chiapas,
located in the south east of Mexico. Hope you like the combination I made with my Zara
dress I bought months ago in London, I always wear it with tights but this time was perfect
for the beach. Don’t miss the next post! it will be about a sustainable and innovative
mexican boutique. See you in a while!!! =P
mayas9 mayas8
leafs dress
                     Zara dress  /  Aldo bracelet / Calvin Klein shoes
Playa del carmen outfit!

Yumi moth dress
$52 -

Michael Kors tote bag

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Faux fur! Against animal cruelty

Faux Fur, against the animal cruelty
Crazy crazy with uni projects!!! but I’m here again to share my thoughst with you!
I’m Very sad to read some news about fur sales in the fashion industry :(  They have
been increasing 44% in the last ten years and young people are the main consumer,
I thought we were more conscious.  Over the past five years, the value of UK fur
sales has more than doubled. London is considered one of the most important retailers
of fur. I know is too cold these days! but approximately 2 million cats and dogs are
killed in China every year for fur. The decision is not on the stores, is on you!!
However, there are some social responsible brands and designers that have strict
no-fur rules! If you really want an amazing fur coat. Buy in those shops, here is the list:

The designers that refuse to use real fur in their collections are:

  • Stella McCartney
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Vivienne Westwood

By the way… I bought this amazing scarf in top shop I just love it because I can wear it with so many colours and jackets. Here are the pics and some other options you can buy,of course only false fur!!!!


Faux fur! Against animal cruelty

River Island scarve
$40 -

Topshop scarve

Fake fur shawl
$40 -
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Peach dress, for Day & Night!

For Day & Night prom dress!
Very happy to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday this weekend. I really wanted
something special to wear, I went to the top shop sales… look what I found! very
different from my style but how can I know if it looks great on me if I don’t try it!
This short prom dress with a low neck makes your waist look smaller, and your
bum a bit bigger haha . Moreover, It’s a very easy colour to mix it, take advantage
and wear it in the club or in a nice morning event. Wear black or natural colour
tights if the weather is as cold as London now. I hope you like it ;)

Day Outfit

Top shop dress/ Notting Hill boutique shoes/ Dorothy Perkins Necklace / Estee lauder purse (a gift).

Night Outfit
Zara jacket / swarovski necklace / Vince Camuto shoes (Jessica simpson) / Coach bag
Get a similar dress!
erHappy halloween!

Victoria Beckham dress
$2,280 -

Miss Selfridge dress

Black purse

Wood clock

Owl home accessory

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What’s your budget for this winter? Choose your Boots!

Saving for the Christmast presents? Or do you really want to make an investment this winter? Here are the best options according with your budget! All you need is to think… If you want fast fashion – I mean boots that will look amazing with your winter outfits but maybe can last only this season- or Do you prefer quality? -Investing in a pair of expensive boots that you know will last for more than 2 years…  Have look and make a decision now! The most important is always to be fashionable!

Estas ahorrando para los regalos navideños? O si te quieres hacer una buena inversión este invierno? Aqui estan las mejores opciones de acuerdo a tu presupuesto. Necesitas pensar bien si quieres moda rápida – me refiero a unas botas hermosas y no tan caras que posiblemente te duren esta temporada – O en verdad te avientas a invertirle? botas mas caras pero que sin duda te duraran mas de años! Echa un vistazo aqui! y preguntale a tu cartera cuanto quiere gastar, recuerda que lo importante es estar a la moda este invierno.


1. Aeropostale  £25 / 2. Forever 21  £25 / 3. Alloyapparel £31 / 4. Forever 21  £28  / 5.Forever 21 £25  / 6. Shopruche  £31 / 7. Alloyapparea£28/ £19


1. Dr. Martens £99  /  2. Zara   £120  /  3. Nine West  £105  /  4. Zara  £120 5.Zara   £74  /  6. Madden Girl   £44


1.  Urban Outfitters £275   /  2.Giuseppe Zanotti £280 / 3. Chloe  £320 / 4. Tory Burch £310   /  5. Rupert Sanderson £790  /  6. Michael Kors  £435

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Rainy days in London

Rainy days in London! Now I’m seriously thinking new strategies for dealing with the shorter, darker and colder days to come! And this morning was worst when I found out on fb that Mexico was almost out of the world cup hahaha :(       I prefered taking a breath and walking around Saatchi Gallery trying to relax a bit after thinking about all the projects I have to submit soon at Uni that honestly I’ve had enjoyed a lot :) I hope I can share some of them with you! Meanwhile let’s start enjoying the winter outfits that are coming! This coat is a “must” in your wardrobe this winter. Thank you to my mexican friend Roger Alarcon for this amazing photoshoot, excellent photographer,  like his fb page Roger Alarcon photograph

Depresión post-futbol… después de enterarme en la mañana que México casi no va al mundial y mas con estos días lluviosos y grises que cada vez se vuelven mas cortos. Decidí mejor caminar y relajarme por saatchi gallery para oxigenar mi cerebro despues de trabajar en los proyectos que tengo que entregar pronto en la Uni, espero compartirles un poco de ellos aquí en el blog. Bueno… pero a disfrutar los outfits de invierno se ha dicho, que tal este abrigo con mangas negras? es un “must” para este invierno! excelentes combinaciones puedes hacer para que luzca mucho mejor. Muchas gracias a mi amigo mexicano Roger Alarcon por el photoshoot y la paciencia sobre todo! jaja Excelente fotógrafo, échenle un vistazo a su pagina de fb y denle like :) Roger Alarcon Photography 


A/X coat , Mango Leggins , Zara top , Tie Rack scarf, Massimo Dutti belt , Zara shoes.





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